Schoemansville Neighbourhood Watch

Schoemansville Neighbourhood Watch started in October 2009, at a stage when crime was particularly bad in our area and escalating out of control. Since the start of the Schoemansville Neighbourhood Watch and the Bravo November radio network, crime has been reduced in our area of interest, but remember that continuous and increased effort is required to keep it that way!

Schoemansville Neighbourhood Watch has a growing membership of about 180 members with more than 80 active patrollers. Close relationships have been established with locally operating security companies and the SAPS that provide support in the case of emergencies. We have 6 Patrol Groups, each with a Patrol Coordinator responsible for coordinating night patrols 5 days of the month.
Joining our Neighbourhood Watch is absolutely free – we are totally dependent on community members volunteering their commitment, time and effort to prevent crime through vigilance and promote our motto of Caring for our Neighbors or “Buurmanskap”. You will benefit from your involvement. Standing together and responding as a group has huge benefits and impact.

We invite you to participate in one or more of our many initiatives:

Register as a member of the Schoemansville Watch through this website by downloading the application forms and sending your application to

Buy a radio and become part of the Bravo November radio network, and get 24/7 immediate support should you have an emergency or want to report suspicious behaviour.

Participate in our monthly meetings. Our meetings are scheduled for the second Tuesday of the month, (from 7:00 pm) and takes place at the Oewerklub. During these meetings valuable information on community and security issues is shared and you can become involved in a variety of projects.

Join a Patrol Group of your choice and commit 2 hours voluntary participation per month.

Join any other volunteer groups as stipulated on the application form.

There are many projects on the go, and new ones for community benefit are considered all the time. Bring your knowledge, skills and input and you will be given the opportunity to contribute as well. To name a few ongoing and past projects:
Organising an effective Patrol service for the Schoemansville area
The management and operation of the Radio Network (the Bravo November Network) which covers the whole area and is used as communication medium by the majority of Watches in the area.
Web-page establishment with admin support.
Dissemination of security related information (like suspect descriptions, reporting of suspect vehicles, etc)
Development of a reaction plan and provision of relevant training for participating individuals
Technology Projects, like cameras for our suburb (cooperate with other Watches in the area)
Restoring visibility of street names and numbers in the suburb, helping patrols to respond quicker.

Andrew Rough
082 805 9690

Your involvement determines the success!

Emergency number: 079 017 2299