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Who/What is Harties Watch
We created this community group as a way to bring together the different areas of our community on one platform, with the intention to support the Neighborhood Watches to improve communication and the feeling of neighborliness.

As part of the communication platform we partnered with Bravo November Network to supply a radio system to be used by all members on the Eastern side of the dam (the geographical area is controlled by the Radio Frequency and license that was issued by ICASA). We have also recently embarked on a process of incorporating Zello into our communication framework to increase the number of people we can communicate with.

We also created a Facebook Group and WhatsApp groups to share information in a more direct and immediate way.

Over time our reach has grown exponentially and we believe we do contribute to the community on both a safety and security level as well as on supporting the community itself.

The community support is achieved by helping report none safety and security incidents (burst water pipes, electrical failures, accidents, lost animals, etc.) to our members and the relevant authorities

Become a member of the Bravo November Radio Network and the Neighborhood Watch movement in Hartbeespoort.

Let’s take back our future!